Practice Home Staging To Sell Your House Fast

You may think, as you read, that your house is great, that you can move in perfectly and that, – totally if I am going to sell it so that I am going to fix it! Does this sound like something to you?

Keep in mind that, if the images shown on the portals about your house are attractive, it will generate more visits and statistically you will sell faster and at a higher price where they do not make downward proposals that you do not like.

Is It The Same As Reform?

We are not talking about major reforms, and sometimes it is not even necessary to reform to get a good image that makes the buyer fall in love with your home.

The idea is to be able to help you open your mind in this regard, put yourself in the position of a buyer who searches online; What kind of photos would you like to see? It must be recognized that most of us in this type of search enter through the eyes and then through the pocket.

Taking a walk around your house and leaving it with a perfect image seems easy, but it also requires a personal exercise on your part, which you must be willing to do, it is not a great effort, but it does take time.

The first thing is to see your house from a new perspective, from another point of view … you can ask someone to visit your house and give you an honest opinion, or you can also have a professional in the sector who will guide you in the steps you have to give.

Steps To Give A Perfect Image

  1. Once you are determined to take the step, some of the keys that you should take into account are the following:
  2.  Remove old furniture, that is, that in appearance has an old-fashioned appearance or with scratches or defects from age wear.
  3. Delete custom objects; photos, souvenirs, objects that have names and surnames. The idea is to depersonalize the property; This may sound a bit invasive, but we agreed that you were going to put yourself in the buyer’s place.
  4. Outside of jokes, on the one hand, you keep your privacy at bay, and on the other hand, you leave free spaces, visually it is much more attractive to see the furniture and walls little covered.
  5. Try to repair what is broken or does not work. Yes, I know; You may think that how you are going to leave is not worth it, but if you are showing the rooms and a door or window does not close well, the impression you make is not the best, and I remind you that the first impression is what counts and it is difficult to change it. And the truth, the option to hide …
  6. It is clear that we are not talking about comprehensive reforms.
  7. If you see that it is necessary to paint, then do it in neutral and light colours, and a trick: if the bathroom tiles are very old you can paint them with plastic paint, and if the floor is worn you can stick a vinyl. It is not about deceiving the client; in fact, it is warned. The intention of all this is to create a good image and offer possibilities of new ideas, possible reforms to the buyer.
  8. Even if your apartment or house is empty, you have the option of decorating the rooms with cardboard furniture specially designed for the occasion, and I can assure you that they have a great image. The intention of this is to show the client a furnished home that can help them visualize their future home and fit the distribution and types of furniture in their head.
  9. Finally, influence something that can happen to you when it comes to detaching yourself from furniture or objects that are emotionally charged for you.

Detachment From The Unnecessary

This emotional burden is just that, a burden. Say goodbye to them, keep their memory, you will not forget that … you can even take a photo and associate it with your memory … Think that that piece of furniture has already fulfilled its function with you, and now it’s time to let go and let the new thing enter your lifetime.

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