Sylvia Thompson

Diagnosed with advanced colon cancer on her birthday in 2005, Sylvia Thompson discovered the healing power of creative writing through her illness. She teaches meditation, Reiki, Chakra and Color Therapy and takes part in a women’s Kabbalah study group in her community. Her book In the Garden of Illness I sit by the Well of Hope is available through  and . Her personal web site is


Today, advice echoed
  someone’s failure;
“positive attitude”
took hope away;
gentle lies drowned sunlight,
judgment burned a tongue.

Realistic thinking was soothing
it’s own fear,
pity denied compassion:
“How are you?” made questions
of tomorrows.
Unsolicited prayer
damned a God of choice;
volunteering the story of another
swallowed a soul.

Tomorrow, only the heart will speak.
Hands will touch truth;
eyes will ask for permission
to be silent, will say:

“Tell me what you need.”


Not able
to endure the hardship
of this barrenness, his mind
wants to break
camp like an early settler
not knowing how
to work the soil,
imaging ripe land

He knows
she offered up
to the Gods flesh
carrying within potential
to nourish the world
on the alter of stainless steel
to the God of survival.

In the distance
the dawn of his mind
edges up
to the not yet
visible dunes
landscaping his soul.

Faintly sensing the echo
of a Bedouins love song
for his land.


I prayed to the Heavens
for a great teacher
dignifying, enlightening and steady.
With desperate pleas,
in silent conveyance,
that I, the student, was ready.

And so the heavens,
obliged to my need,
sent a great teacher
to answer.
When I asked him his name,
he smiled at me warmly,
bowed down to me
and said: