Scary Movies

 (soundscape by Hal McGee with Chris Phinney)

Dark energy and the unknown.
Why assign evil to the unknown
when it is just the unknown?
Evil is perception filtered through fear.
Fear is not a thing like space
though you can cut it like a knife
in the night of your mind.
Scary movies are not scary.
They are tools to manipulate our shame,
our fear of getting caught at what our mommas
told us not to do at age 3 or 8 or 13.

We talk of emotions
as if forced on us by external beings
or given as gifts from angels,
anything but owning our perceptions.
Owning perception or owning anything
denotes responsibility
and the child within wants to be free
and blameless, unharmed
and eternally loved,
that warm happy feeling
we talk of coming from without,
the gift from angels and from mom.
No matter what its origin
it keeps the dark energy at bay,
the evil and the unknown,
where fear is a thing like space
that creeps up on us in movies.